About Us

      3CAR was founded in Hasanpaşa which is located in Kadıköy district of İstanbul in 2012.

      Originally started by our grandfather Mehdi Konur in 1944 as engine restoration of automobiles and trucks, this workshop was succeeded by our father Erdal Konur and his brothers since 1958. We, as the third generation, continue to sustain classical automobile restoration culture in our days based on our accumulated experience and knowledge heritage.
Grandfather’s first sign
      3CAR is striving to respond to the expectations of its customers in the best way possible. Our goal is to offer you an amazing customer experience and extraordinarily valuable services.
      Depending on the knowledge, skills and experience from our predecessors in the classical automoblie industry and with our 74 year-experience, we are aiming to do all we can to exceed your expectations.
      We love our job and customers, and value your views and suggestions.
      Please visit “contact us” page to send us your complacency and demands.